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Shalanah Dawson is a front end developer with a fine arts, math, and physics background. Shalanah works for White House Custom Colour in Eagan, Minnesota.

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White House Custom Colour

Card editor

SPA built from the ground up. Allows users to edit 5x7" cards by loading design, adding photos, editing text, adding foils, changing card shape, and changing color themes. Utilizes React/Redux, SVG, Draft.js.

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Layout creator

In-house application for designers to use and output JSON grid structure.

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Developed a new system of achieving baseline grid for text on the web. Method utilized in card editor.

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Block wrap breaks

To line up text from web to pdf, we need to know where text line breaks happen, and these vary from browser to browser. This was built as an easy testing ground for functions to return an array of wrap characters.

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American Academy of Neurology Mobile Site

Created the wireframe, user interface, styles/standards, and front end development of's mobile site, keeping the look and feel of the existing desktop site and using brand standards.


Created the user interface and front end development for an online application that tracks neurologists' certifications and courses through the AAN.

Concussion App

Created the wireframe, updated user experience, and graphic design for free Android and iOS mobile app. Developed responsive design for "Quick Check" portion. Supplied the graphics for multiple screen sizes and pixel densities.

Email Templates

Created the user interface and front end development for responsive 1, 2, and 4-column email designs. Trained AAN staff on how to create and use the modular templates.

Conference Online Identity

Created the design and front end development for all AAN conferences for both desktop and mobile sites.


Responsible for photographing and editing AAN's National Conference, American Brain Foundation events, Brain Health Fair events, CEO meetings with public officials, and staff photography.

Visual Communications Group

Corporate Website

Created the wireframe, user interface design, and front end development for VCG's corporate responsive website.

Front End Development

Overhauled VCG's internal website by creating a new user interface and implementing front end development. Created the user interface and front end development for email templates and responsive landing pages.

Marketing materials

Designed and created sale sheets, white papers, press releases, and business cards.


Identity Development

Worked with a variety of clients to create logos, establish color guidelines, and brand standards.

Wordpress Websites

Installed and set up Wordpress websites for a variety of clients. Aligned existing templates with client's brand and vision.


Photographed and edited portraits, weddings, and homes for various clients.

Print Design

Created and designed catalogs, business cards, postcards, flyers and t-shirt designs.